Trapped In A Busy Lifestyle? 6 Steps To Reclaim Power Over Your Life

Isn’t it funny that the more we try to live a full live, the more we feel exhausted and anxious? We have a career, a family and our schedules are bursting with activities. At first sight, nothing seems to be wrong.

However, we are constantly available and try to juggle work and social life with a smile on our face. Our so-called “good” jobs often entail long hours and work on weekends. Colleagues become a placeholder for real friends – and the only topic we talk about is work.  

The little time that is left for us, we try to squeeze in our private and social activities, but can’t enjoy them anymore. Our lifestyle distracts us from living a life that is ours and allows us to have time for ourselves and the people who matter.

Trapped in a state of overwhelm we fear not being able to keep up and try even harder to adjust. The more we attempt to cope with all the obligations we have, the more we lose touch with ourselves and end up feeling lost.

Don’t let the daily grind have a tight grip on you and make you feel like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

Reclaim the power over your life.


Here’s What You Can Do When You Are Trapped in a Busy Lifestyle:


1) Regular Introspection

We schedule technical check-ups for our cars on a regular basis, but how often do we check if our emotions and energy levels are still in balance? We blame the lack of time and, as a result, stress for being tired and exhausted, but do we know exactly why?

Sitting down once in a while and giving thought to our lifestyle habits makes it easier to pinpoint what is going on underneath the surface, and learn about the triggers that make us agree to just anything.

Quite often, we are driven by fear or an abnormal ambition, both of which don’t contribute to feeling in charge of our life.


2) Stop People Pleasing

Everyone wants to be loved, and this is why we often are afraid to disappoint others. We are torn between trying to anticipate what expectations they have towards us and to satisfy our own needs.

Nonetheless, we have to come to terms with the fact, that it is impossible to please everyone. It is going tear us apart and make us oblivious of what we want in life.

Put your needs first for a change. Practice to say no, especially in situations where you feel obliged to say yes.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between being asked a favour and being taken advantage of: it’s not about what you get in return, but how people treat you when you say “No”.

You will see that nothing is going to happen, apart from you feeling more in control. If you lose “friends” because you are not available anymore, then be happy to have more time left for the ones who love you for who you are.


3) Set the Right Priorities At Work

If you are overwhelmed, it might not only be due to the actual workload, but also because you don’t set the right priorities. Yes, you are responsible for your projects, but you have to learn to let go and know when it is necessary for you to be involved in a task or not.

Do you have to attend every meeting to make sure everything goes smoothly? You might only be afraid to lose control if you do not do everything yourself. 

Trust your colleagues to do their jobs as professionally as you. Make yourself scarce when it’s appropriate and delegate to have more time for the important tasks and not to lose track of the bigger picture.

Positive side effect: People will value you more if you don’t come across as a control freak but let them do their jobs. 


4) Don’t Overload Your Social Schedule

If you are a social person, it is hard to turn down an invitation and choose one event over the other. Settling for one thing does not mean that you automatically miss out on something else.

Don’t feel obliged to accept any invitation. 

This problem is mostly self-inflicted, and we have to learn that we cannot be in two places at once. It is natural not to attend every event. Our lives are just too busy, so nobody will hold it against you.

Make strict plans how many events you are going to attend per week without feeling overwhelmed and stick to them. Pick only events that add value and make sense for you, and also fit your schedule.


5) Set Up an Energy Vampire Index

Take account of what and who sags your energy levels the most. Try to limit the time you spend with these energy vampires as much as possible.

You don’t have to cut people loose or refrain from some activities for good, but remember that the dose makes the poison.

Set your personal boundaries and follow them unapologetically.

It will give you more time for people and projects that help replenish your energy levels and assist you tackle your busy life instead of making it even more complicated.


6) Make Time for What Matters 

Don’t keep cramming your schedule by just replacing one thing with another, even if it is something you like. You don’t want to be up to your eyeballs again.

The plan is to have more time at your disposal for spontaneous activities and to use it wisely:

Have some me-time, meditate, practice yoga or exercise; see your family more often or spend time with old friends.

Anything that makes you feel complete will help to strengthen your resilience while navigating through a busy life. 

(Image Credit: Matusciac Alexandru/Shutterstock)


Do you feel trapped in a busy lifestyle? What do you do about it?


4 Comments Trapped In A Busy Lifestyle? 6 Steps To Reclaim Power Over Your Life

  1. Khai

    I really like the part about regularly scheduled introspection! It’s something I’ve recently added into my weekend routine, and WOW WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!

  2. Vishnu

    I like #4 but would add we should not overload any schedule – work, social life, family life or any other part of our life.

    I’ve found in general, less is better. I’ve drastically reduced all commitments, say not a lot and prioritize, as you’ve suggested to reclaim my life.

    1. Andrea

      Vhishnu, you are absolutely right. It makes such a difference if we are the ones who are in charge of our time and not feeling overwhelmed by commitments.


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