6 Things Wishful Thinking Gurus Won’t Tell You

It can be hard to bounce back when we are stuck in a rut. The more helpless we feel, the more we are prone to daydreaming and believing in wishful thinking – they seem like the easiest way out.

The problem is: The situation in which we feel trapped does not change – it is pure escapism and a safe haven from our fears.

It is nice to believe that by wishing for the universe to help us we could change our life for the better without having to face the unknown. Continue reading

Trapped In A Busy Lifestyle? 6 Steps To Reclaim Power Over Your Life

Isn’t it funny that the more we try to live a full live, the more we feel exhausted and anxious? We have a career, a family and our schedules are bursting with activities. At first sight, nothing seems to be wrong.

However, we are constantly available and try to juggle work and social life with a smile on our face. Our so-called “good” jobs often entail long hours and work on weekends. Colleagues become a placeholder for real friends – and the only topic we talk about is work.   Continue reading

9 New Year’s Resolutions For Fearless Living

Are you relieved that the year is almost over? Have you made plans to change your life once and for all? To become more successful? To find love? To get in shape? To quit bad habits?

Doesn’t that sound like a lot of pressure already?

Why not begin the year with a positive mindset instead of making overwhelming resolutions and big plans? Try to implement small changes to the way you think and act in order to pave the way for fearless living. Continue reading