5 Powerful Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence Within Minutes

Self-confidence is not a reliable companion. Sometimes, it just comes and goes, depending on how our day turns out. Be it a job interview, giving a presentation, or when having a date, our self-confidence plays an essential part in the way we think about ourselves and are perceived by others.

Unfortunately, it tends to let us down when we need it the most. Building up unshakeable self-confidence is a life-time project, but it is possible to change our self-perception for the better within minutes if we need it. Continue reading

Swimming With Sharks: How To Survive In A Room Full Of Strangers When You’re Shy (A Quick Guide)

 I get so nervous. I happen to be socially awkward and shy. I spent a lot of my time as an adult not going places. ~ Christina Ricci

Imagine this: Your boss tells you he has signed you up for an industry gathering instead of your colleague. You don’t have a choice but to go. Even if you’re scared to death, you can’t keep avoiding socializing and meeting with other people.
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9 Quotes To Help You Face Your Fears

Sometimes it needs as little as some wise words to lift you up when you are in a difficult place. I’d like to share with you some of my favourite quotes. I hope they encourage you to face your fears when things are getting challenging. No matter what it is you’re afraid of, you have all it takes to overcome it. Let yourself be inspired!  Continue reading

5 Reasons Why To Embrace Failure

It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.  ~ Bill Gates

There’s no arguing that succeeding is wonderful and failing sucks. When we fail, it’s easy to fall prey to self-doubt and fear. Who likes to admit that things didn’t work out well?

Even if it hurts, failure isn’t a bad thing. It has a lot of advantages that we tend to neglect when we are disappointed in ourselves. If you can learn to embrace failure and not letting yourself being dragged down by negative thoughts, you are well underway to living a fearless life.

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How To Deal With Your Fear Of Making The Wrong Decision

Are you stuck in a complicated situation or stage of your life and afraid to make the wrong decision? A decision you might not be able to take back or that might turn your life upside down? Are you rather not making any decision at all than ending up with a mess? Good. There are a few things worth considering that could help you fighting your fear of making the wrong decision. Continue reading

Confronting Fear Sucks – Do It Anyway

When was the last time you deliberately jumped off a cliff?

Today? Yesterday? Last week? Can’t remember? Never, maybe? Of course not. Who would jump off a cliff if he can’t fly, right?

One of the best counter strategies is supposed to be confronting your fear whenever you can to get rid of it. Hate it? Me too.

Confronting your fear is one of the worst things to suggest to someone who is suffering from fear. You don’t tell a person who can’t swim to jump into the middle of the ocean, do you? Yet, when it comes to fear it is a whole different story.

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