Why It’s Necessary To Break The Rules

 If you obey all the rules you miss all he fun. ~ Katharine Hepburn

Katharine Hepburn was considered to be an intelligent, modern and fearless woman, breaking many rules of her time to live a life on her own terms.

Whatever you dream of accomplishing might require you to break some rules, too. Don’t let your fears prevail over your dreams. Trust your fearless heart. There’s plenty for you to gain if you are willing to take a chance.

Why It is Necessary to Break the Rules

Rules are our socially defined corridors managing the way we interact, work and live together. In general, there is no need to question them. However, just because there are rules, doesn’t mean that all of them are correct or justified. There are many situations in which we do what is expected of us, but this might not be what we actually want or feel is right:

Why shouldn’t you get a promotion for your outstanding performance, just because company policy says you cannot be promoted before having finished at least two years of service?

Why should you give up your dream of becoming an artist just because you hail from a family of academics?

Why shouldn’t you be entitled to a well-deserved Christmas leave just because you don’t have children?

It’s not about breaking the rules just for the sake of breaking them. Not playing by the rules has its consequences, but so does following them without questioning if they make any sense. Some rules are limiting in rather a negative way instead of doing any good, they can restrict your expression of individuality and your progress in life

– when they are used as a means to blackmail you emotionally;

– when they obstruct your happiness;

– when they are used to hold you down;

– when they obstruct your potential;

– when they are unfair;

What’s in It for You

Find the courage to do what matters to you even if it means to break some rules you’ve gotten used to. Not everyone will applaud when you decide to have it your way, but in order to thrive and bloom we have to take the road less traveled sometimes. It’s not about offending others or being rude, but living a life that is truly yours:

  • Getting noticed
    By strictly following the rules, you will never attract attention for your cause. People who break the rules are less likely to get overlooked in a large crowd than the ones who follow them as they are. Ask yourself if that is what you want, to be known as the quiet busy bee, doing what’s asked of you and never complaining? Do the unexpected, and you will get instant attention. People will listen when you question an order or give an opinion.
  • Showing your true potential
    When breaking the rules, you get the opportunity to show your true potential: How good you are at leading a team and getting things done efficiently or how entertaining and inventive you can be. Just because things have always been done in a certain manner does not mean that this is the best way possible. Show others what you are capable of and what your expectations are. You don’t want to be underestimated all your life, do you?
  • Sparking  your creativity
    Creativity comes with thinking outside the box. When breaking the rules you are likely to encounter your most creative moments. Don’t think about what could happen, but actually feel what happens when you just do it. When doing the less ordinary you will start a chain reaction: Your motivation will spread its wings and fly; your creativity will be set in motion and find new ways of expression. You will be able to discover completely new aspects of your personality, and so will others.
  • Joining the debate 
    When you break the rules, you can discuss the things that matter to you more easily. Others will acknowledge that you are not afraid to speak your mind or to express yourself and eventually ask for your opinion. Having a controversial point of view contributes to what is considered an interesting exchange of thoughts and ideas.
  • Having more fun
    Katharine Hepburn was right. Breaking the rules can lead to more fun in your life. Live your life questioning the given framework and break out when needed. There is never just one way of doing things. So why not choose the one that’s more fun and brings joy to your everyday life?

Going against the flow requires some boldness. Be prepared to face some headwinds. Buckle up and enjoy the ride. However, there is one rule you should consider following when breaking the rules: stay nice and respectful, but determined.


What are the rules limiting you to live the life you want? Have you dared to break some of them? Please share your experience and comment below.

2 Comments Why It’s Necessary To Break The Rules

  1. Laura

    Thanks for this post!! I couldn’t agree more! breaking the rules are essential for being your true self. Working on this myself at the moment, it takes a lot of courage but it is all worth it!

    1. Andrea

      Thanks for your nice comment, Laura. Indeed, it takes a lot of courage, but only when we are courageous we can unleash our true potential.


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