Why Go Looking For Your Fearless Heart?


We were all born with a fearless heart. Without hesitating, we start to experience the world. We have no preconceptions. We speak our mind and do what we believe is best for us. We challenge ourselves, climb the highest trees and jump right in when there’s fun within sight. We dare to believe that dreams can come true.

With time, we tend to lose this boldness. We try to fit in and find our place within our community. We start caring for others and their well-being. We start to worry about our life and the direction it is taking. We grow up.

All of this is legitimate; it is a part of life itself.

However, sometimes we overdo trying to fit in. We start letting our life be judged by others and try to live up to their expectations. We start making the worries of others our own. We doubt the decisions we make because we have lost the ability to trust our hearts. We doubt our talents. We fear things which seem to be no problem for others to handle. We start limiting our lives and our scopes. We give up to live the life we are supposed to be. We miss out on lots of fun.

It doesn’t need to be this way.

I truly believe that change is possible at any stage of life. No matter how weak or hopeless you are feeling about ever getting in control of your fears, it is doable. Play out your true potential. Start living a happy and fulfilled life according to your wishes – despite your fears.

I’d like to encourage you to take up the challenge. You are not alone. You might want to read my story. It is common to worry. It is normal to have fear. It all boils down to the question how to tackle them, because giving up is not an option. Never.

No matter which fears are having a grip at you, now is the time to take the first step into changing your life for the better.

This blog offers no rocket-science, but hands-on advice on how to start living the life you long for by fighting your fears and recovering your fearless heart.



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