Trapped In A Busy Lifestyle? 6 Steps To Reclaim Power Over Your Life

Isn’t it funny that the more we try to live a full live, the more we feel exhausted and anxious? We have a career, a family and our schedules are bursting with activities. At first sight, nothing seems to be wrong.

However, we are constantly available and try to juggle work and social life with a smile on our face. Our so-called “good” jobs often entail long hours and work on weekends. Colleagues become a placeholder for real friends – and the only topic we talk about is work.   Continue reading

5 Powerful Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence Within Minutes

Self-confidence is not a reliable companion. Sometimes, it just comes and goes, depending on how our day turns out. Be it a job interview, giving a presentation, or when having a date, our self-confidence plays an essential part in the way we think about ourselves and are perceived by others.

Unfortunately, it tends to let us down when we need it the most. Building up unshakeable self-confidence is a life-time project, but it is possible to change our self-perception for the better within minutes if we need it. Continue reading