Why Comparing Yourself Undermines A Fearless Life

How many times have you logged into your Facebook account today and peeked at what your former friends from school are up to? Have you looked at their latest amazing holiday pictures or read their raving about the glamorous party they attended with their colleagues? Put your hand on your heart and tell me that you haven’t compared your life with theirs for at least a moment. Continue reading

How To Deal With Your Fear Of Making The Wrong Decision

Are you stuck in a complicated situation or stage of your life and afraid to make the wrong decision? A decision you might not be able to take back or that might turn your life upside down? Are you rather not making any decision at all than ending up with a mess? Good. There are a few things worth considering that could help you fighting your fear of making the wrong decision. Continue reading

How to Adopt A Constructive Mindset – And Why Positive Thinking Won’t Get You Anywhere

I was one of the few people who fell prey to self-help books telling you that positive thinking will enable you to achieve all that you have ever wanted. That your life will change magically without any effort except for changing the way you think. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Well, I found the thought quite appealing.

Unfortunately, the trick didn’t work its magic on me. I imagined myself being successful and handling any difficult situation with confidence. I ended up with being even more frustrated, because I tried really hard to see everything that happened in a positive way, even if there was nothing positive about it. In the absence of the desired results, I started doubting myself and my ability to become a happy person ever.

Fortunately, I quickly realized that there was nothing wrong with me. You still can be able to succeed and live a fulfilled life, although you cannot change your personality from being a pessimist to being a true optimist entirely. Continue reading

Confronting Fear Sucks – Do It Anyway

When was the last time you deliberately jumped off a cliff?

Today? Yesterday? Last week? Can’t remember? Never, maybe? Of course not. Who would jump off a cliff if he can’t fly, right?

One of the best counter strategies is supposed to be confronting your fear whenever you can to get rid of it. Hate it? Me too.

Confronting your fear is one of the worst things to suggest to someone who is suffering from fear. You don’t tell a person who can’t swim to jump into the middle of the ocean, do you? Yet, when it comes to fear it is a whole different story.

Why? Continue reading