11 Things Fearless People Would Never Do

When people live an adventurous lifestyle and appear to navigate through life with ease, we consider them fearless, and think we could never be like them. It is quite discouraging when we secretly long for a more fearless mindset.

Don’t despair. 

Being fearless is not as difficult as it seems and doesn’t call for risky acts; just be bold when necessary: Don’t avoid difficult situations, but dare do what is important for your progress in life, even if you are anxious or insecure.

It will make you feel more confident about yourself – and help you gain a more fearless aura.

Fearless people know this secret and apply it to their lives constantly, that’s why there are things they would never do:


1) Ask for Permission

How many times have you asked yourself if you are allowed to do what you have in mind? Fearless people do not busy themselves with this question. They know that it’s us only who can judge what the right thing to do is – no matter if others approve of it.

It’s our life, so we should be the ones to decide what’s best for us.

If you wait for permission, you might as well give up on what you want to do. The more you make your life dependent on the goodwill of others, the more you are going to put your life on hold.


2) Wait for the Perfect Moment

We can wait a lifetime for the best possible scenario. The perfect moment might never come. When you feel ready, go for it. It is not about the perfect time, it’s about ourselves: Do we feel prepared to take on responsibility?

Think about it: There will never be an ideal time for moving, starting a family or quitting our job; we can always find reasons why it would be better to wait.

However, what matters is that we make it the right moment by actively going for it and not being afraid of mastering the consequences.


3) Be Afraid of Failure

Fearless people know that failure is a part of life. They don’t care, but ask themselves what could be the next steps for when they don’t succeed.

Think beyond the common definition of failure, and redefine its meaning: it can be a blessing in disguise when we manage to take it as a necessary stepping stone to get better, and learn what it takes to evolve.


4) Let Self-Doubt Get in Their Way

Fearless people consider doubt a natural emotion that helps us not to dive into new ventures head over heels without thinking.

However, they don’t let self-doubt get in their way, because they know about their weaknesses and how to handle them.

If things are getting complicated, they do not to let doubt destroy their confidence. They take it as an occasion to reconsider, readjust and try another way.


5) Let Fear Prevail Over Their Gut Feeling

We usually have a very good feeling for what is right or wrong, but fear can destroy the trust in our gut feeling, and result in insecurity.

Even fearless people are afraid of some situations, but they don’t let their imagination run wild.

They have learned to manage their fears instead of ignoring them.


6) Deny Themselves an Experience

Fearless people know they don’t have to jump out of an airplane to be perceived as fearless, but if they feel like trying something new, they give it a go.

Life is made up of experiences, so the more exposure we have to new situations, the more we will grow and nurture our self-confidence.

Fearless people welcome every opportunity to confront their fears and stretch their comfort zone.


7) Hold Themselves Back

It’s healthy for our well-being not to bottle up our feelings and swallow sadness and anger. Fearless people are aware that holding back our opinion or wishes will sabotage a full life in the long run.

They know it’s important to express their standpoint and even so, articulate what they want.

Moreover, they fight the battles that have to be fought no matter if they are afraid, because they understand that true freedom only comes with standing up for yourself.


8) Be Afraid of Rejection

Fear of rejection is one of the greatest obstacles to happiness, as we all want to be loved and respected. It is also a great means of emotional power play.

The moment we start overthinking what might happen if we make an unpopular decision or remark, it is likely that we refrain from doing it at all – and thereby, we miss the chance to live life on our own terms.

Fearless people know that true friends will not walk away just because our opinion is different. They also don’t question their entire existence because a job application gets turned down. Instead, they shrug it off and keep going.


9) Refuse to Ask for Help

Fearless people are willing to push their limits, but also know their boundaries very well. They are aware that sometimes it is better to ask for help than to miss an important step and risk emotional chaos.

Being able to admit that we cannot do it alone requires strength and insight, but it also means to seize the chance to learn how it’s done.


10) Miss Out on Fun

Having fun often requires us to face our fears. Fearless people know that life can be challenging, but they don’t make the mistake to perceive it mainly as a burden.

Instead, they consider life an exciting journey that is extremely rewarding if we don’t shy away from overcoming the roadblocks. They confront their fears and celebrate their achievements accordingly.


11) Take Criticism Personally

Fearless people know how to take criticism. They distinguish between justified and constructive feedback, that helps us to learn and move forward, and disrespectful or destructive criticism.

They don’t let mean comments get under their skin because they know it’s not about them but about the person who is being unfair.

They also take the liberty to ignore stupid remarks and dare speak frankly if necessary.

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I’d love to hear from you. How are you being fearless?







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